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When my brother and I were both young children, my Mom began writing children’s stories for us to better understand and reflect on the events in our lives, helping us to bolster our core values and define our unique identities in a way that was determined by intrinsic measures rather than external metrics of success. She taught us to celebrate and radiate our unique selves, to take pride in doing “our best” rather than in competing to be “the best,” to lead with integrity and honesty, and to consistently uplift and include others along the way.   

Throughout my childhood, I struggled with vicious bullying. I was frequently met by the cutting blade of exclusion and what felt like a never-ending tempest of cruelty and taunts. And yet… I never stopped smiling. Because every day, I came home from school to the nurturing embrace of a woman who lives by the virtues of kindness, empathy, and inclusion.  She gave me the courage to show up as my authentic and unique self, even when that self was rejected the by outside world around me. Thankfully, because of her, I never felt that I needed to change who I was to fit in; I just patiently waited for a new environment.


I experienced first-hand how impactful my Mom's narratives were in shaping who I was and still am as a person today.   Together we revised and compiled some of her original stories and core philosophies into an adapted collection of children’s stories for today’s generation of children to foster individuality, creativity, and self-expression. 

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