As an Executive & Parenting Coach, I wrote these children’s books in response to situations that my clients’ children and my own children faced - from bullying, to dealing with friends moving away, to feeling “less than” in comparison to others, to needing to learn the importance of sustainability - and from there developed 12 stories each addressing a unique theme.


Nancy’s Feel Good Fables are stories that subtly guide children to become empowered decision-makers, confident in their own skin, navigate through grief, overcome obstacles, grow in empathy and appreciation of the diverse world around them.  Tina Searches for Her Dream is the first of twelve books written to teach essential life lessons.


Nancy J. Ganz

Nancy J. Ganz is an author, internationally certified Executive & Parenting Coach, and Harvard-trained Mediator & Negotiator.  Using her proprietary parenting tools and techniques that she developed over decades working with parents and children, she helps parents to lay the foundation for healthy emotional development, decisive-thinking, a positive mindset and proactive conflict resolution skills.

A New Book of Quotes to Calm The Soul

Nancy's first book, Finding Peace at the Center of the Storm, was a #1 "New Release" on Amazon in its category.  

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