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Nancy’s Feel Good Fables is a collection of twelve social emotional learning stories  written by Exeuctive & Parenting Coach Nancy J. Ganz that take children on a journey toward confidence, empathy, self-love and purpose. 

Each story teaches a key lesson, empowering children to become more decisive, confident, navigate through complex emotions and develop a resilient mindset to overcome challenges and obstacles. 

Nancy J. Ganz

Founder & Author

Sara R. Ganz

Co-Founder & Creative Director

The brainchild of a mother & daughter team, we hope to bring a little light to children throughout the U.S. by donating books from the collection throughout Title I schools, after school programs and communities in need. 

Nancy J. Ganz is an author, internationally certified Executive & Parenting Coach, and Harvard-trained Mediator & Negotiator.  Her first book, "Finding Peace at the Center of the Storm" was a #1 New Release on Amazon. Using her proprietary parenting tools and techniques that she developed over decades working with parents and children, she helps parents to lay the foundation for healthy emotional development, decisive-thinking, a positive mindset and proactive conflict resolution skills.


With a B.A. from Harvard in Economics and Psychology and a Masters in Finance from London Business School, Sara has worked in Corporate Strategy, Product Development, Communications, and Marketing across beauty, fashion, and healthtech. A fierce advocate for greater inclusion, Sara has championed many initiatives in the corporate DEI space. A passionate storyteller and a lover of children, it is a joy to be bringing these stories to life with my Mother.

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A New Book of Quotes to Calm The Soul

Nancy's first book, Finding Peace at the Center of the Storm, was a #1 "New Release" on Amazon in its category.  

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